The Complete Guide: What Size Chainsaw Do I Need?

What Size Chainsaw Do I Need

Imagine you leased a vast forest. It is full of soft and hardwood. Then started to dream, “Oh my god! This is full of $.” 

Suddenly, the dream paused. Why? You are confused about chainsaws. Questions like “What size chainsaw do I need ?” “Will a random chainsaw work for all sizes?”

Sweating……Headache, and every major symptom of stress you are facing now. It is because your investment plan is about to slip. 

Stop! Read these 3 minutes investment tips. You will know;

  • How to choose the right size?
  • Chainsaw sizes for each task
  • Types of chainsaw
  • Your Answer

So, let me handle the stress. You better scroll the page and count the time. It will save you 50% investment.

How to Choose The Right Size Chainsaw?

Choosing the right-sized chainsaw is simple. Just remember, it all depends on the guide bar size. Here is the tip:

  •  The guide bar should be longer than the object’s thickness you will cut.


Suppose the tree you are about to cut is “10” inches thick. For that, you will need a “12” inches long guide bar. Easy math! You will know more about “Chainsaw sizes for each task.”

Does the engine CC matter for choosing the chainsaw size?

While I was crafting the example, this query hits me instantly. Here is the answer: YES. CC= Cubic Centimetre matters in choosing the right size.

How? The CC shows the power of a chainsaw engine. More CC means heavy engine power. This explanation might raise another question.

What is CC suitable for me?

It’s better to show you a list. The list will guide you to decide the cc for your job.

Small tree
  • Job: Pruning and Trimming
  • Suggestion: A 30 CC chainsaw engine is good enough.
Moderate Cutting
  • Job: average tree cutting and cutting logs
  • Suggestion: 40 CC can save your time and money. Many experts are using this range efficiently.
Heavy Cutting
  • Job: Taking down an entire tree or cutting a heavy long
  • Suggestion: the experts prefer to use 50 CC chainsaws. You will get a smooth cut.
different sizes of Chainsaw

Chainsaw Sizes For Each Task

Great job! You are close enough to save 50% of the investment. Time to serve the main course. You will know the chainsaw sizes for each task:

Pruning The Branches

Pruning is a regular task for gardeners. They do this job to keep their tree healthy. For this job, “6 to 10” inches chainsaw is good. 

Never use more than this size; the small branches can get hurt. How about the “2” inches branch? Handsaw works fine for that.

Cutting The Branches Of Large Trees

12 hours ago, Tennessee faced a heavy storm. A lot of large trees uprooted. Rescue teams are working hard to remove the large trees. So, how are they doing the job? 

Cutting the large trees and the branches. A lot of volunteers are using “8 to 12” inches guide bars. They said this sized chainsaw works best to cut large tree branches.

Felling Large & Medium Trees

In Tennessee, rescue teams are using different-sized chainsaws. They are not strict into 8 to 12 inches guide bars. I witnessed variations in sizes.

Most of them are using “16 to 18” inches to cut mid-sized trees. Larger than medium-sized trees, they use “20” inches guide bars. 

So, why are they using different inches? Storm rescue teams work to reboot city life. They focus on-time efficiency. What lessons should we take from them? 

The lesson is “save time make $” it does not mean you should compromise with the quality. Proper choice will recover the quality concern. 

Firewood Cutting

Maple, Oak, Birch, and Ash trees are good for firewood. These hardwoods need extra care. That’s why the firewood experts have a tip. The tip is; a “14 to 16”-inch guide bar. You can split the wood fast without hurting the quality.

Cutting Small Trees

Some lumberjacks use “8 to 12” inches for small tree cutting. I don’t think it’s wise. Why? This size reduces the quality. 

Look, small trees are best for crafting creative art. Here quality matters. So, a reduced quality increases the chances of money risk. Would you take that risk? “No,” use a “12 to 14” inches guide bar. It will keep the quality at its best.

4 Facts Everyone Should Know About Chainsaw Size

standard Size Chainsaw

What is a standard-size chainsaw?

  • There is no rule of thumb. The standard depends on the job. Overall, people go for 8 to 12 inches. 

Should I get a 16 or 18-inch chainsaw?

  • I will suggest “16”. Moderate Jobs like cutting logs or giant-sized branches; you can go for 16 inches

Is a 16-inch chainsaw big enough?

  • Not at all. 16 Inches is perfect for mid-ranged cutting -preferable for commercial gardeners.

Can you put an 18-inch bar on a 16-inch chainsaw?

  • Yes, you can. But it wise to stay on the suggestion. The engine will perform slower if you put an 18 inches bar.  

best size chainsaw for home use

It depends on what you want to do with it.

I cut lots of firewood to heat my house. I use a decent Stihl with a 50cc engine, and swap between 14, 16 inch and 18-inch bars depending on what I’m dealing with.

If you are simply cutting firewood or dealing with a garden, you are very unlikely to need anything larger than that. You may well be better off with a smaller, lighter, cheaper one if you’re not using it much.

If you are staying within range of an extension cord, get an electric one. For occasional users, not having to deal with the fun of small engines is well worth avoiding. They are also much less noisy!

How big of a chainsaw do I need?

You don’t need a chainsaw- since you cannot tell us what you plan to use it for, you should be kept away from hazardous tools.

With so little info I don’t think you would be responsible enough to own a chainsaw. You don’t buy boys toys to do a mans job or vice versa. Rehash the question and post it again and tell us what’s happening. Are you using weekly or daily, are you cutting small or large trees and the like, then we can help. Think before you post.

What will you use the saw for? How big are the trees and wood you expect to cut? Is this saw a “hobby saw” or is it the main working tool in use every day and all day?If it is the main working saw go quality.

Since you do not already know the answer, I presume you’ve never had a chainsaw before. If I am right, get the smallest one you can find, as you will most likely hurt yourself with a larger one.

Final Words

The goal of this article is to save time and money. I am sure I did it. You know every major consideration. So, don’t hesitate to invest.

You have secured 50% of your risks within 3 minutes. Spread this article; people are asking what size chainsaw do I need? Let them know, and there is a Clonazepam to reduce their panic.

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